Invitation to the TimeGhost Army

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

Out of love to this beautiful community and to all wonderful people that make this all possible, I would like to share with you the possibility of meeting together on a virtual battlefield. You may call it cooperative game play, but it’s mostly about getting to meet great people while having some fun together. Everyone here loves history and probably most of you enjoy playing games.

There is a small community with a history of over 10 years playing a 15 year old game called Hidden & Dangerous 2 or H&D2. We host events every Sunday since the summer of 2012 and it has been a life changing experience for me. The game is a first and third person shooter and our goal is to complete the game’s missions and objectives on the allies’ side.

We select our uniforms, helmets, different types of weapons, binoculars explosives and other special gear like wire cutters, camera or documents. Everyone has a specific role in the team and certain tasks to complete. Everything is organized by the team leader, who plans how the mission’s objectives are to be completed.

We use tactics and strategies that we try to improve every time, but most importantly we organize ourselves trough classes. Therefore, before every event, people can volunteer as soldiers, medics, engineers or support gunners. We focus on discipline, patience and good use of tactics. It’s a great game very few know about.

You can meet me and the others over at the where you can register, introduce yourself, learn how to set up your game and join the events or just hang around. We are supporting the TimeGhost team since day 1, mostly by sending more viewers to you from our home page.

For a preview of Hidden and Dangerous 2 and our play style, please watch this video or click the Youtube link.

I will reply to any questions regarding the game and possibly playing together here.

It can be an opportunity for you guys to express the real TimeGhost Army trough this beautiful World War 2 game as commandos or SAS unit. It’s fun to play and it can run on any Windows or Linux distro.

See you on the battlefield!


If it’s allowed, maybe our best and last video here of the team over the years :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you :slight_smile: