Introduce yourself!


Since there is no official thread where any new member can introduce himself, let’s get the ball rolling here…

My name is Flo and I live in a mystical city in Transylvania, Romania. Here we have a castle built in the 1400’s and the legend says Dracula himself was held prisoner here for several months. Unexpectedly, this castle was also featured in one of the missions of the H&D2 game campaign in the Alps where you infiltrate as SAS in disguise and have to steal the documents containing the names of the resistance leaders and collaborators. Of course, it’s all fiction.

I am always interested in reading or watching World War 2 stuff, I have seen probably most WW2 movies and I have waited to see Sparty and Indy’s history presentations since the days of The Great War. When I’m not focused on computer programming and web development(barely started), I love to spend my time baking something or hosting H&D2 events over at the =RpR= (Royal Para Regiment) community where I am a member and admin.

I would like to see if the TimeGhost team will have time to go trough some important SAS missions in World War 2. There is so much to cover already, so I won’t be disappointed if this never happens :slight_smile:

All the love