Insult names by the Japanese

During the North Africa campaign, the Germans used the insult of calling the Australian and other forces rats.
Which was taken on as badge of honour, rather than a insult.
However I am struggling to find any information about Australian soldiers and others fighting the Japanese. Particularly during the Kokoda and Bougainville campaigns.
What insults did the Japanese use? That was taken on as badge of honour. Rather than a insult.


I have yet to see a primary source of those types of nicknames actually coming from the enemy

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I doubt the Australians or Americans were very much capable of understanding Japanese insults. It’s rather easy to make out that a German Ratte means Rat in English, but Japanese slurs wouldn’t be that close.

They probably did have slurs though, which would be interesting to know.

Yes it would be interesting to find out, perhaps a TG member out there has a veteran relative, who might know.
It is such a odd tradition though out history, that opposing armies, would trade slurs back and forth.
Over the course of a battle. Somehow as to incise a rash reaction from one side.
As Sun Tzu said. (Paraphrasing here) “when your enemy is of choleric temper, then you should agitate him” .