Individuals in the war

I have two questions. I have two individuals in mind. John Basilone and Hans-Joachim Marseille. The hero of Guadalcanal and the star of North Africa. If you could do a individual video on each of them? I really enjoy your work and I wish all the best for the team behind this. Godspeed.


I do also hope they make a video on Basilone. I’ve actually covered Basilone in this post:

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James Holland covers Marseille in detail in War in the West part 2. Like most of the Luftwaffe aces, he was driven into the ground by unrelenting combat, no rotation out. Poor bastard.


Is it because Germany was running low on manpower already in 1941? Or did they follow their tricks at Verdun again “where the best of the best” troops were kept so as to deal a great amount of damage to the enemy?