In defense of humanity

I just watched the movie Into the White about 2 aircrews, one German and one British, that worked together to survive after both were shot down in the battle of Norway at the beginning of the war. That reminds me that there are a lot of encouraging stories about human bravery and goodness that you guys could cover, in addition to the segments on spies and the war against humanity. How about war for humanity, in which people risked their lives to resist Germany or Hitler, even if they were German or Austrian, or in which Dutch or French or Germans hid the Jews and protected them? How about Into the White, A higher Calling, Schindler’s List and the others in which people did good rather than evil?


In my humble opinion:
The Norway invasion was very early in the war and before a lot of hostilities had occurred. By the time of Barbarossa the war had taken on a savagery that was barbaric. Remember, during WWI, the soldiers from opposing trenches shared Christmas music ? By WWII, that wasn’t going to happen any longer.

There were people with religious convictions on both sides who, even though soldiers, showed humanity all during the war, while they were alive and a soldier . . . though some were killed or disciplined by their superiors and there was Oskar Schindler and there were French and Dutch who hid Jews.

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