I think rommel shouldn't be seen as a good nazi

And honestly they are way better example of anti nazism in the Wehrmacht than rommel ,Rommel would praise hitler and sympathise with him +his participation in the july 1944 plot seem to be more ambiguous than anything ,I also found out about the crime of the 7. panzer division against french colonial troop and you should read the french magazine ligne de front n°27,it debunk the idea of good rommel and clean Wehrmacht +show how politicise the Wehrmacht.

PS: war and remembrance isn’t a documentary(+it got tons of saint rommel and clean Wehrmacht moment

I think that for one the Nazi’s were very good at handing out promotions, nice uniforms etc to loyalists. They attracted career tigers who couldn’t care about the horrors they fought for

What did it bring Rommel, he was spit out by his old “friends”. Also to pre-empt silly remarks he was too dead to enjoy his postwar fame.

He was one of Hitler’s useful expendable idiots and ended up horribly wounded and dead.

I shouldn’t be discussing 2020 but maybe it is not wise to follow totally immoral extremist in exchange for medals and promotions(in whatever form these come). Feel free to disagree or comment . Just my personal take after studying him.