Hungary in Between 2 Wars

Since Hungary is barely mentioned in the regular episodes (probably because most archive files haven’t been translated from Hungarian and it is therefore very difficult to do research if you don’t speak the language), is there anyone who could give me (out of personal interest) a quick (or detailed) overview of Hungary in the years after the Great War (e.g. the war with Romania, the communist takeover and subsequent defeat, the Treaty of Trianon). I love the work Indy and Spartacus have put out so far, and when I get a job (I’m only 17 and therefore waiting for summer to work full-time) I will definitely donate to this awesome cause. I have loved history (20th century in particular) since I was little, and the Great War and now Time Ghost give me great bite-sized documentaries which I don’t have to sink my teeth in like a 10-part long documentary. Keep up the great work and I hope you find enough time and funds to continue this endeavour!


Furthermore, if anyone on the Great War team or the Time Ghost team needs my help in translating any texts from Hungarian or Dutch, I’m here to help for free!