How were the Jews in North Africa treated by Vichy France and by the Axis forces fighting against the British?

I’ve heard for many times now from professors, history buffs and some articles, that Rommel wasn’t that keen on killing Jews and so this is often used to portrait him as not beeing a true nazi.

Therefore i’ve been curious how the Jews living in North Africa were treated by Vichy French authorities compared to mainland Jews and were there atrocities carried out by the Axis forces in Libya and Egypt later against the locals in general, but especially against Jews?


it’s complicated because of the issue of colonialism and western Ashkenazim + Italkim plus internal choices vs traditional culture and semi-integration of sepharidm into Muslim culture in North Africa and the history of Zionism as a mostly Eastern Ashkenazi phenomenon for large chunks of the preww2 history. There’s a book series called The Holocaust and North Africa edited by Aomar Boum and Sarah Abrevaya Stein which you can read about here and here

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