How was the rationing in Germany, Italy and Japan after they lost the war?

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I wandered how the post-war rationing in nations like Germany, Italy and Japan looked like. For other nation like the UK, USA, and France loads of material is out their, but for the lossing nations not that much. Can you give us an overview of the rationing of the lossing nations?

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In Finland rationing of potatoes and meat ended in 1947. Grain, milk, butter, soap, textiles, shoes in 1949. Sugar and coffee in 1954. Other stuff like imported fruits only became really available at that time too - as the news article mentions that at the time also the saccharin sweetened cubes of carrot or swedish turnip were getting replaced with actual fruits like oranges and bananas.

Säännöstely loppui 50 vuotta sitten - Viihde - Turun Sanomat (in Finnish so reader beware).