How to explain war crimes, crimes against humanity and suffering to kids?

Dear TimeGhost, due to recent comment strings in your video: CENSORED: The Revenge Bombing of Germany - WAH 050 - January 1943, Pt. 1.
I was woundering how to explain war crimes, crimes against humanity and suffering for kids at the age from preschool (aka 5-6 year) to 15 year old? Your videos of War against Humanity goes in a deep dive into this topic on regular basis. So how to cover this topic for any kids that might watch with an adult or alone for that matter?


Interesting topic. Kids seem to be getting a lot thrown at the, before they are ready. I’m am 100% unqualified to discuss this issue though but my opinion is it is probably more than too deep for any standard classroom.

I got my education from watching World at war. I can still remember the haunting theme and fantastic narration to this day.


I’m fairly new to Time Ghost, went to The Great War before catching up on WWII.

In one Out of the Trenches, Indy is asked how he and the crew avoid depression and despair while immersed in WWI. Indy said he wasn’t having psychological trouble. Still, he obviously had some pain over the waste of humanity that was WWI. I have to “psych up” to watch the War on Humanity episodes. Kids aren’t the only ones.