How to dedicate an episode?

Hi TG team,

I’ve been watching since 1914 and would love to dedicate an episode for the week of the 19th of August. How can I do that?

During this week the invasion of Sakhalin will be concluded with the capture of Toyohara / Jushno Sakhalinsk on the 25th. Jushno Sakhalinsk is the birthplace of my mother and the place my grandma spent most of her life after migrating from Odesa. This long distance migration was imposed on her due to a whirlwind romance with my grandpa, whose family disapproved due to his Jewish heritage (the my grandma’s lack thereof). So they fled all the way to Sakhalin, when my grandpa would serve as the director of the local theater. They stayed together their whole life.

My grandma also served in the red army at the front, notably during the drive towards Budapest. I still remember her showing me all her medals as a kid. My mum did not tell me much about it though, so I will have to inquire more details.

My gradpa did serve as well, but we do not know, in which capacity. We believe that as he as an actor, he joined some of the entertainers cherring up the soldiers.

The 19th will also be the 65th birthday of my mother, so I wish to mark the event like this.

Please tell me, whether it’s a possibility and if so, how it can be done.

In the meantime I will research more details from my mum :slight_smile:



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I will send a message to the team to let them know and they will get to you shortly.


Hey filipp.trigub, August 19th might be a bit tight on the schedule here. We usually plan them a bit further out. If you’d like to get a memorial we do ask that members be a Brigadier for 12 months or for a one time pledge of $2,500 if members want it done sooner. If you are interested in proceeding please reach out to me through the email address and I’ll see if we have the 19th free.


Hi Jake, thanks for the quick response. Unfortunately, It’s a bit beyond my means right now. Thank you anyhow for all the good work!

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