How the Axis Powers cited the Monroe Doctrine?

In reading the FDR biography “Traitor To His Class” by H.W. Brands I found that during a meeting between Sumner Welles and German Foreign Minister Ribbentrop in February 1940, the Minister described Germany’s goals wishing “for nothing more in Europe than what the United States possessed through the Monroe Doctrine in the Western Hemisphere”(pg 539). I also found that in January 1940 the Japanese cited the Monroe Doctrine to defend their actions in China and Southeast Asia. The latter being in response to a series of warnings from Cordell Hull. Firing back “the secretary of state told the Japanese ambassador in Washington that America’s doctrine was defensive”(pg 569). My question is if you can please shed some more light on these two meetings and discuss further the Axis Powers’ use of the Monroe Doctrine as a justifier to their egregious aggression worldwide? Love every thing you guys do and keep up the great work.