How long does it take for a reply to be reviewed?


I have four (4) replies that are awaiting review before they become public. Some of them are weeks old. ???


Are they replies to OOTF questions?


@georgecharlton_22985 @David I suspect they are Out of the Foxholes questions since thats the only part of the forum where replies need to be reviewed. Unfortunately the forum software doesnt allow us to close comments altogether, but that was the point of restricting them. We don’t review replies there because new questions have to be submitted as a new topic, not as a reply.


Does that mean that there is no point in offering an answer? I am an experienced history teacher, ex-serviceman, and old enough to have read widely and helping is part of the culture. If, however, there is no point I won’t bother. Nobody offered replies to what I thought were easily answered queries.


Ah I see where you’re coming from. We didn’t want to make it a discussion/community answer page, but rather a question database for us to pick questions from. They will be researched by us and will be answered in one of the upcoming OOTF videos.

However, if you’d like to help, we are more than happy to use community-driven research in the answers of the OOTF questions. We won’t be using all of the questions in the videos though, since not all questions are as relevant. Some are too easy to be answered and some will get their own special in the future. So just answering all questions could be a waste of your time.

I am still looking for ways to share ‘research jobs’ with the community. I’m not yet sure on the best way to include the community in our research process, but it a very important improvement i want to make. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!


I have too much free time so I would be happy to assist - particularly Australia and the 2nd AIF in Nth Africa, Greece, Crete, Syria and the Sth West Pacific islands.