How effective were the cross-channel artillery batteries operated by both the Germans and British?

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We’ve obviously talked a lot about the battles between the RAF and the Luftwaffe in the skies over Britain but I was wondering if you could touch on the artillery batteries both sides used to shell each other across the channel. To my understanding, the area around Dover became known as “Hellfire Corner” due to the danger posed by German artillery. What was the German strategy behind these guns? What steps did the British take to counter them and how effective were these guns in their overall mission?


Artillery is the most effective weapon to this day, ruffle responsible for 80% of the kills on the battlefield, modern responsible for all air space. and the goal of any battery in a fire mission is to kill about 1/3 of the enemy position, leaving the rest for ground troops and air.

The German strategy was the same as the Luftwaffe clear and destroy critically industry and demoralize troops.

Artillery is also very easy to take out since counter battery fire was already establisher in ww1 were they use the sound of the gun and the landing of the shell so you can find the battery as soon as it fires, look into Russia in the Ukraine and you can see so for yourself.

But the British also had a problem supplying brit arty units due to the mass amount of material you need for a battery, I met a gunner who landed on d-day in junno, he was a bofoers anti-air gunner, he touched it once in training and his gun was ordered to clear out bunkers instead, he also said that saving privet Ryan movie with the flamethrower clearing the bunker was just like the real thing.

      and here is the video of the German side being taken, also were the tallest man in the third Reich was stationed
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