How effective was Germany’s attempt to get a spy network in Egypt such as László Almásy and would a successful spy network increase the chances of an Egyptian rebellion?

Was it effective for Germany to get spies into Egypt? And was there a real chance at an Egyptian uprising against the British had there been a largely successful German spy network in Egypt?
I’d also like to know how everyone feels about the new All Quiet on the Western Front trailer for the 2022 remake.


I don’t know if Abwehr had more than the “Salam”/“Salaam” operation (and it would seem an also unsuccessful predecessor “Operation Condor”).

I did, however, run across a 1960 movie, “Foxhole in Cairo”, based on a novel (“The Cat and the Mice”) with a basis in “Operation Salaam”. It includes most of the usual cast of “I’m in the British Army” actors, and a brief appearance of a young Michael Caine.

It is available on youtube!