How do the Russian frontlines of WW2 lineup to the frontlines of WW1?

With the Russian experience the German army had in WW1 you would think they knew how to handle logistics and what the challenges were. Were the ultimate frontlines of WW2 that much further into Russia than in WW1?


We all know I ment the eastern front


People in logistics department of German army were quite aware of challenges and were among the most skeptical voices in German Army in regards to this whole invasion.
Here is the map from WW1:

The yellow line was the front at the time of Russian Revolution and arguably the last time Germans had to fight an organized and motivated Russian army. This line is actually pretty close to Soviet-German border at the start of Operation Barbarossa, which was slightly more to the west(100-150km). Past that point, the Eastern front arguably ceased to be the theater of regular warfare and any experience drawn from fighting there would not be of much use in WW2.

The furthest German advanced was in 1918(Green line), after the Bolshevik coup, during Russian civil war, thus the resistance they’ve met was very sporadic, which would mean that logistics were less affected.

By the end of 1941 Germans were mostly to the east of this line. The idea of operation Barbarossa was to destroy Soviet armies in the border regions and then mop up the disintegrating Soviet resistance from there, so, operationally and logistically, Germans achieved their goal. The elephant in the room that German High Command willfully ignored was of strategic nature: What do you do if despite all the losses that you inflict, the Soviet Union would not collapse on itself and will keep fighting?
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Thanks! That was very helpful!