How did the Axis powers attempt to influence U.S. public opinion against joining the war? Were there American businesses with presence in Germany, Japan, etc. that lobbied against American intervention?

Seeing as how it was in the Axis’s best interest the U.S. did not join or was slow in joining, how did they leverage media and information to build sympathy for the Axis cause and delay American involvement?

There is a good amount of information on how the U.S. tacitly supporting the Allied powers through trade, but did the U.S. cut back on trade with the Axis prior to the war? I’d imagine even the oil lobby would’ve tried to lobby against completely losing Japan as a customer.

If I recall correctly there was some popular support for Germany but I don’t know much of the details. There is also some information I’ve read about Japanese attempts to use propaganda to convince the public of their strength (and argue America is not ready for war), but I’d like some concrete examples if it can be found.