How did French Moroccan troops fight in Italy and did their methods spread fear among soldiers? How did liaisons between these units and other US units work? (There’s a long version of this question that would make it more clear, so I’ll put it below)

Ok, short story long, during my third semester in college I my teacher from my War and Society class told us about either his father or his uncle in WW2. This soldier was the liaison between the US Army and I think it was the 4th Moroccan Mountain Division during the Italian Campaign. Now when the Moroccans had returned from fighting, they brought back a bag with them which the French officer was trying to keep hidden from the American. In the bag I think was cut off ears as proof of their kills. I was wondering if word spread among the Axis, or even Allies that made the Moroccan or North African colonial troops feared. The American liaison was also African-America, so I don’t know how or if that factored to his appointment as liaison to the French North Africans or if it was ability to speak French. I don’t remember much else from the story, but remembering this bit got me thinking.

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