How best to view

I am joining the Army late in the War. Something like my father in law who entered the Marine Corp in 1945 and was shipped to the Pacific at the time of the surrender. Btw he was credited with wartime service but considered himself a Korean War Vet in which he took part in the Inchon landing. My question is how best to view all the episodes? I following along the timeline but I am not sure how best to view the special episodes such as biographies and political and social segments?

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I’d see if you can find when they were released and watch them in order, they usually go along with what is happening in the timeline. You’ll need to schedule 8 (or more) hours for Pearl harbor and 24 hours for D-day, they went hour by hour for those events.

Very good question Lou.

I think a lot of viewers didn’t like viewing the early episodes as it was bad news for the Allies.

BUT those episodes contain lots and lots of hardly know facts, e.g. the taking of Somaliland by the Allies.

The specials like the OOTF are all over the timeline e.g. Patton losing his pilots licences are never published in other places as far as I know. BUT I made that episode by just taking a picture of the letter were Patton humble apologizes for his behaviour as a pilot

If you have any information/documents on the Inchon landings we as TG love to know!

I met the son of a Korean veteran who flew Sabres and he told me it was hell and not as easy as the propaganda made it out to be. So any info is welcome.

Best Regards and very welcome. Let me know should there be any questions :slight_smile:

Thank you. I am enjoying all the details about the war in China and The Winter War. An excellent handling of the Norway invasion. I may of expected a bit more about the Graf Spree but that is minor in the so far excellent productions.

My father in law would speak occasionally about his Korean War experiences. It was tougher than the movies or combat films may show. He also related events in China after the war when the Marines helped disarm the Japanese Army. I have written notes and some photos of a 1951 Mediterranean cruise he was on after service in Korean.

I am happy to share with show,