How and where did the fighting continue in russia after germany surrendered

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My question is a post war question, since its not maybe in ur timeline, but doesnt include spoilers - i decided to give it a go.

Ive heard that german pockets in russia kept fighting even after german surrender, how long did it last and to what extend was this fighting.


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In the Baltics, the remaining forces of Army Group North held out until the end of the war even evacuating some forces back to Germany to help out defending the Seelow Hights and, eventually Berlin itself.
Also Koningsbergen was, as Hitler named it a Festungs Stadt or, fortress city, so many SS troops and even the regular army held out for a longer time than was even plausible. There have been many enduring ‘afterwar’ battles in the aria of Tsjeck Republick, and in my own country, the Netherlands even for a full fortnight on the Isle of Texel. There were many POWs (I think Georgian, correct me of I’m wrong) who were forced into German service and rebelled against the German regular troops, which culminated in an ending of the war for the Netherlands like a nightmare upon a nightmare …
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You also could read my own topic, about not the atombombattacks being the reason for Japan to surrender but the Soviet Blitzkrieg on Mantsjukwo…just a suggestion ofcourse :hugs:


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