How accessible are the battlefields of the pacific

Does anyone know how easy it is to visit Midway, Gudalcanal or the Kokoda trail etc?

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I went to Guadalcanal on a trip with Valor Tours In 2012 at the 70 Aniv. As a Dane that was great, because I got access to All relevant battlefields, and a reception at the US governor’s place where I met the Solomon primeminister and I had a long talk with the commandant for the US Marine Corps. Surely a experience for a life. They have tours all over. You can find some topics with pictures from the trip in this forum. Fell free to ask any further question.


valor tours has a September Midway tour planned in September but they need permission for it. Since 2012 it is closed.

Next year they will have a Tarawa and charter to Makin tour from LAX but you can take other routes. The accommodations were basic and no souvenir diving shops but the coral is awesome.

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