Hoover denounces starvation policy (10-17-41)

The Pittsburgh Press (October 17, 1941)

Hoover denounces starvation policy

Washington, Oct. 17 (UP) –
A charge by former President Herbert Hoover that the United States has adopted a “policy of starvation and death” toward civilian populations of Axis-occupied Europe because Britain laid down such a policy was revealed today.

Senator Arthur Capper (R-KS) inserted in the Congressional Record two letters written by the former chief executive, honorary chairman of the National Committee on Food for Small Democracies, to Secretary of State Cordell Hull. One was dated April 24, the other June 3.

The second, referring to an unpublicized letter from Mr. Hull, agreed with the administration’s contention that “the moral responsibility and clear duty” of feeding civilians in occupied lands rests with the occupying authorities.

Mr. Hoover said:

But, when in Christianity or morals has the idea appeared that because person A falls in his moral responsibility to person B, that his friend C and D no longer have such moral responsibilities?