Hitler's eyeing Spain, Turkey (9-8-41)

The Pittsburgh Press (September 8, 1941)


Americans in London expect simultaneous attacks

By Helen Kirkpatrick

London, Sept. 8 –
The extent of German activities in Spain and Turkey lead experts here to the conclusion that one or the other is likely to be the scene of a German offensive soon.

Some of the best-informed Americans here are convinced that the Germans will go into Spain and attack Turkey simultaneously to create a diversion. But Britishers view neither move as quite so imminent and cite the need for the Germans concentrating the bulk of their strength against Russia. On the other hand, some quarters regard the thrust to Spain as possible and probable.

The number of Germans in Turkey, the assembling of German troops and naval forces in Bulgaria, the mission of the Nazi economist Dr. Karl Clodius to Ankara, and the presence of Grand Admiral Erich Raeder in Sofia all lead to the belief that Turkey is due for another dose of Nazi pressure. There is said to be considerable uneasiness in Turkey. The Italians are reported to have sought German approval for an Italian attack on Turkey from the Dodecanese Islands.

Agrees to passage

General Franco is reported to have agreed to the passage of German troops for an attack against Gibraltar. The German general staff is said to have concluded that 20,000 men could capture the Rock in two months. German technicians have been constructing airdromes in southern Spain and German planes are now reported, to have arrived there.

100,000 anti-fascist Spaniards have been transferred to Germany and their places taken in labor battalions by an equal number of Germans.

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