Hitler wasn't Always an anti-Semite!

What Hitler said about Dr. Eduard Bloch: “If all Jews were like him, there would be no Jewish Question.” It is March 12, 1938.
What could have Possibly made the world’s most anti-Semitic madman utter these words?

It makes one wonder, was there a story tied to this utterance from Adolf Hitler, or was he already going stark raving Mad??

Here from a site about holocaust misconceptions:

A Jewish doctor killed Adolf Hitler’s mother

Some, like psycho-historian Rudolf Binion (Hitler Among the Germans, 1976) claim that Hitler’s genocidal hatred of the Jews stemmed from the fact that Dr. Eduard Bloch, his family’s Jewish physician in Linz, Austria, bungled Klara Hitler’s treatment, causing her to die a prolonged and painful death from breast cancer in December 1907. However, according to Bloch’s 1943 testimony to the Office of Strategic Services in the United States, Hitler considered Bloch to have treated her well and seemed to harbor no ill will towards him, despite the fact that he had been especially close to his mother. Indeed, Dr. Bloch recalled that, after her death, “ He [Hitler] stepped forward and took my hand. Looking into my eyes, he said: ‘I shall be grateful to you forever.’ Then he bowed.” In later years, Hitler demonstrated his gratitude with postcards, warm holiday greetings, gifts of his artwork, and – after he became Führer – with expressions of concern for Bloch’s welfare. In 1937, after asking a delegation of Linz Nazis for news of the town, Hitler also “asked for news of me. Was I still alive, still practicing?” adding “ ‘Dr. Bloch…is an Edeljude – a noble Jew. If all Jews were like him, there would be no Jewish question.’ ” Bloch further testified that “Favors were granted me which I feel sure were accorded no other Jew in all Germany or Austria.” Thus, “Berlin” directed the Linz Gestapo to remove the yellow star from Dr. Bloch’s apartment and office and to allow the Bloch family to remain in their home. Nor were they prevented from leaving Austria in 1938 – although they were not permitted to keep their life-savings and, as a condition of their leaving, the Gestapo confiscated Hitler’s gifts and notes and Dr. Bloch’s record book detailing Klara Hitler’s treatment (the latter surfaced after the war).



I think from this statement alone you could make out that Hitler was an anti-semite. Apparently the only jew he considers to be human is this Dr. Bloch, all the rest are Untermenschen.

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