Hitler married, Leipzig rumors (4-21-45)

The Pittsburgh Press (April 21, 1945)

Hitler married, Leipzig rumors

LONDON, England (UP) – Civilians of Leipzig believe that Adolf Hitler married Olga Teschekowa, well-known German film actress, at Bad Frankenhausen three weeks ago, Edward Conolly, Exchange Telegraph correspondent with the U.S. First Army, said today.

Mr. Conolly said Hitler’s love affair was common talk among the people of Leipzig, who said the Fuehrer was madly in love with Olga and that the pair were now living together at Hitler’s headquarters.

One civilian said that the actress was the mysterious “Olga” whom U.S. Third Army reporters have mentioned as having a room next to Hitler’s at one of the Fuehrer’s “secret headquarters,” recently overrun by troops of Lt. Gen. George S. Patton.

The civilian described Olga as “over 50, her hair, dyed black and heavily made up buy good to look at.”

Finally…something that will change the tide of the war in the german’s favour. This and Steiner’s counterattack… The germans surely can’t lose.


Yeah, about that…


Is there a The Steiner Strikes Back movie?