Hitler dead? (2-5-43)

The Free Lance-Star (February 5, 1943)

Hitler dead?

New York (AP) –
Joseph E. Davies, former Ambassador to Soviet Russia, said in a radio broadcast last night that days of mourning and grief in Germany suggest the possibility that Hitler is dead.

A Foreign Office spokesman in London, however, expressed an opinion today that suggestions that Hitler was dead were “sheer nonsense."

Speaking from Washington on the March of Time broadcast, Davis said:

These days of mourning and grief in Germany supposedly because of the Stalingrad defeat and the fact that Hitler did not make his 10th anniversary speech last week suggests the possibility that Hitler is dead.


Probably the only country with a reporting worse than the Italians.


I’d rather read an Italian newspaper over a Japanese one. Being fluent in it helps a lot. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Lol fluency is everything. To me, Japanese is weird wallpaper and I took 3 terms of it in college.


You learned Italian in school :school: or family? I only know some from spending some time working there.


School and a few of my neighbors. My family’s not Italian.


did they use they use both the kanji and katakana back then?

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Yes. Some official documents even had a mixture of katakana and kanji.

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To elaborate,

Kanji (Chinese characters) were the first system used to write Japanese, but don’t fit the language well. Hiragana appeared in the 5th century and katakana in the 9th.

Today katakana is used for foreign words, and kanji and hiragana for words of Japanese origin, but in the past this distinction wasn’t so, and many official documents used katakana where hiragana would be used today (which admittedly looks weird to me).

One major script reform took place in 1900 which standardised which syllables would be written with which character, so anything after that would appear “modern.”

The reforms in the late 40s further simplified things (and simplified some of the kanji themselves), but something from the 30s would still be very readable.

Unfortunately my Japanese has deteriorated to the point that even modern writing can be a struggle.