Hi Indy and team! I’m curious how the Senior staffs from the warring countries react to their colleagues fighting the war like the last. With some allied commanders holding positions well after the war?

I apologise in advance if this has already been asked, I’m new on the forum and didn’t throughly check if it had been posted already.

It seems to be a fault that some commanders were a bit trench warfare, and they continued this theme throughout the war until replacement or retirement. But some commanders I’ve looked up who seemed to continue fighting the war like the last managed to hold positions well throughout and even after the war. I was curious why you never really hear of the reactions from the other commanders or senior staff regarding this behaviour. Of course I appreciate many were replaced especially within German OKH. And it does seem to at least be a fault more prevalent on the allied side, perhaps from the fact Nazi leadership was all about maneuvers and not digging in or withdrawing.

Was there a shortage of commanders for all sides? Or a mixture of political and senior connections? I just find it weird how two personalities seem to stick out in warfare, the ones who believe new inventions or doctrines like V weapons, or strategic bombing will win the war. And some older guard still hold beliefs that trenches will stop any advance. Please criticise my point anyone disagrees the more I learn the better!

Once again I apologise if this has already been asked, and for any mistakes it’s currently 12am. And hello timeghost forum members nice to meet you all!