Helpful books on the bf 109

Hello, I’m currently reading J-C Mermet 1st volume on the 109 from caraktère. The book describe each versions well and give profile drawings for a lot of variants, something wich can help modelist. The 2nd volume is equally interesting, it complete the 1st book and give drawings for each variants cowling. The chapter focusing on the color schemes and there’s one where the author explain how colors render in a black & white photo.

The 1st volume has a english version:

If the show want to talk more about the 109, those books are “go to” sources I think.


These are really good and readable guides for the DCS Combat simulator which is a really good SIM. The best on the home computers.

Chuck also tries to explain.

PS DCS is free (but you need processing power) and comes with an unarmed Mustang TF-51 and a relatively easy to fly Su25

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