HELP! Urgent call for volunteers!

Thanks everyone for the great contribution. Sorry for being out of touch for a couple of days, but I’m busy with another project this week (need to pay the bills as well). We already used major contributions for three episodes that we shot last weekend and it was extremely helpful.

So far this is were what we’ve completed shooting on: (I’m working on using all the stuff from all of you, and I’ll be back with more details as soon as I get through my chaos).

@Veles contributed the centre piece of the episode on the borders of Poland coming together and the Silesian Uprisings.

@al-Srouji gave us the major information on the episode about the uprisings and division of the Middle East.

The info from @al-Srouji also inspired me to take a new approach on the women’s rights episode that we also shot on Saturday.

Also many thanks for the fact checking support - saved us from doing some really embarrassing mistakes.

Again, when (if) I get a moment tomorrow I will give you all more detailed feedback on where we stand with each of the scripts.

Based on how successful this is and that it was always our goal to take TimeGhost to the next level of cooperative content I really, really want to find ways for us to work together more. I’m using my walks with my dog to think about how to structure this better, and I look forward to sharing my thoughts as well as getting your feedback and ideas.

It’s an honour to have the privilege to share this community with you all.

Thank you.


Glad to be of service! Thank you, for doing the hard labor of making this project, and giving us the opportunity to pitch in and be a part of it!


I’m really glad I could help. This project is a great opportunity to shed some more light on a time period that is often skipped, unnoticed and misunderstood.

Keep the good work, Spartacus. We’re all looking forward to watch next episodes :slight_smile:


Hi Sparti,

Let me know on which episodes you do not have yet support and I’m happy to help!!!


I’lll give you all a detailed update later today, finally able to do some TimeGhost work again.

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Here the status of research and writing of Episodes and the list of Episodes we’re aiming for all the way up to 1939. This is a fluid list and as you can see we have already changed things. Every script that gets written or researched points us in a slightly new direction. Moreover we have to reduce to two episodes per year as there is no way in hell that we will get this done before September 1st otherwise.

The list is colour coded in the following way:

Grey Episodes - Episode is completely written
Dark Red Episodes - Geo-Political
Light Red Episodes - Culture, Technology and Life

Green Author or Research - Complete
Yellow Author- Assigned
Yellow Research - Incomplete

Still happy to get any help we can - I will look to structure this better, but I thought you were owed a fast update before anything else.

Love, Peace and Retribution!

PS - If I missed to list anyone’s contribution, please don’t take it as a diss, just remind me and I’ll update the list - DS



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1920 episode is totally complete? I would write something about Caucasus, but it’s ok. I want to contribute to 1922 01 episode, it is possible?

Thank so much for the support so far, this has been great help.

When we started TimeGhost we always had in mind to take online documentary video creation to a new collaborative level. We’ve received an enormous amount of input at The Great War over the years and modelled on that wer’e now trying to structure that in a more open and transparent way for TimeGhost.

We want to use the TimeGhost Army Forum to do that as it enables us to have manageable and transparent structure. BETWEEN 2 WARS is our pilot project. We’ve created a new section of the TimeGhost Army, the ‘TimeGhost Intelligence Service’ TGIS for short. BETWEEN 2 WARS will be handled as Section 1 of the TGIS. Future projects like WW2 will get their own sections to make it all as orderly and transparent as possible.

You can find TGIS S1 here:

This Category is connected to the new group, the TimeGhost Intelligence Service. Anyone can join that group, but to not spam the Forum lists, the category is only visible once you’re a member,

If you haven’t already been added, you can join here

Obviously you need to have signed up for the TimeGhost Army to join, if you haven’t done that yet you can do that here: either for free, or with a monthly monetary contribution to our effort.

Inside the TGIS S1 category each episode is a separate topic, to keep it orderly only admins and moderators can add topics, but any TGIS members can post and reply to the topics.

If you want us to consider adding an episode then post the suggestion with some words as to why inside the pinned ‘about’ post in the TGIS S1 category.

If you have an idea for an alternative direction for an episode post your suggestion with an explanation inside that episode topic.

Wee look forward to working more together with you all.

Let’s make history!


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