Help needed: Visual sources about China for B2W (19th and 20th century)

Hi all! We have just shot some marvelous Between 2 Wars episodes about China in 1925. Currently Wieke is editing these episodes, and he is wondering if any of you might know of digital image archives he could use for his image research. The episodes start (spoilers) by covering the opium wars, and talk about China’s development into the 20th century. We need photo’s or other visual material (paintings or scetches), but Wieke has a hard time finding a centralized place to find Chinese sources. Both still and moving images are fine. All tips, ideas and suggestions are more than welcome!



There are a couple

This is a website that chronicles the 8 year war of resistance and has a lot of photos. Google Translate works well enough for navigation.

You can also search the LIFE magazine photo archive by putting “source:life” in google and searching for “China” and “1940.” Clicking on the photo will get an explainer of it.