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New member here, although I’ve been watching the WW2 series on YouTube from the beginning.

Has a special been made on resistance units and their training, especially the British Home Guard and the specialist guerrila training given to some younger members in preparation for a German invasion?


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Hi and welcome - interesting topic you ar mentioning, because from outside I have often wondered how prepared Britain really was if the Germans would try an invasion attempt. Not that I think that it was in any was possible, but it had become some kind of truth that the battle of Btritain prevented an invasion. So write along new friend :smiley:

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One thing you might like to know about the home guard is that on certain beaches on the south coast of England they manned petrol pumps that ran into the sea . So if operation sealion ( the german invasion plans ) were put into effect troops landing on the south coast would receive a warm welcome . The pumps would flood the beaches and the water with petrol ( gas in the US ) and set it on fire . I saw a documentary about it once and you saw footage of a test run of it and it looked horrific .
If the allied troops had faced this and they were unprepared for it I’m convinced that the landings would have failed .


Really? - and it it was caputred by Germand paratroopers it would have been a very convenient and gentleman like supply of petrol right to the beach. Just thought of Fort Eben-Emael. After WW2 we developed a home guard concept here in Denmark, still in use.


This BBC site has some interesting info on how the British prepared for invasion with some really nasty stuff including flame traps.

Not that I have any sympathy for the wannabe invaders!

Britain’s fight for survival: Fortress Britain 1940 - HistoryExtra