Have you read/Your analysis on? How the War Was Won by Phillips O'Brie

Hey all,

First off, new to the channel, and love it. You all do a great job with the depth, exploring many angles, and I especially love how you all make sure to give the many theaters time and place. As well as showing the interconnected nature of the war and the theaters.

That said, I’m reading Phillip’s OBrien (American historian and professor of strategic studies at the University of St Andrews, Scotland.) “How the War Was Won.” I’ve been following his work on the current Russian invasion of Ukraine, but this book is fascinating. It looks at more than just the logistics, but the pre-production, production, material, and logistical battle. Showing how much more industrial and material was put forth for the Sea and Air battles, and how much more material was lost during those battles. Would love to hear your thoughts on the book, or to see a special on it, or even with Phillip. It is an illuminating book, well researched, documented, and laid out— changing a lot of my perceptions about WWII, as well as reinforcing others.