Happy new Year 1942/2021 and avoid stupid deaths see link


All the best for 2021 after the weird 2020. As the celebrations in the Netherlands tend to involve stupid deaths from firework “experts” and there is more risks from Covid here is a link to historical stupid deaths.

These are all historical and don’t watch if you don’t appreciate dark humor or get nightmares from tailors jumping of the Eiffel Tower with a coat parachute, well at least he safely tried from the first deck :-/. Horrible Histories is a line of books and TV programs for young people to teach the horrors of history in a British dark humor like fun way.

Horrible Histories - Stupid Deaths | Compilation - YouTube


My grandfather always asked this question when asked about that incident:



Very good question indeed. He probably had put himself in a crazy situation. He had permission for a dummy/mannequin test but the huge crowds and 2 motion picture cameras makes me suspect that they expected his Wile E. Coyote jump with Acme gear.

He hesitated for 40 seconds but was probably too scared to give up. Anyway he didn’t even manage to deploy it as a parachute :-(. 57 meters probably way to low.

He wasn’t the only one, there were also another one jumping of the statue of liberty or so?

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I don’t remember that, but I do remember stunts on Niagara Falls.