Guadalcanal part 1 – facination

This will be the first of some topics from me about Guadalcanal. So I think it will be reasonable to first explain why I, as a Dane, got so fascinated about this Island, that I ended up by collecting books about it, and finally went there in Aug. 2012 for the 70th anniversary.

It started sometime in 1995 when I was on a daytrip to Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark from my home at the Danish vest coast. Yes, Denmark is so tiny you can drive from west to east in 2,5 hours. I often went to book stores in Copenhagen where you could find bargains with books on military history in english. I stumbled across Ballards book: “the lost ships of Guadalcanal”, looked at in for a few minutes and put it back in place and left the shop.

We went on a harbor tour, but I felt that the images from the book would not leave my mind, so regretted my decision on the book. But, I was now on at boat in the middle of the harbor and it was late in the day. When we came back to the pier, I sprinted through the streets (= max power on my standards) got at foot in the door at the book store and bought the book. (so when i doubt - Buy)

I was a really fascinating read of a very excellent book, and I just got sucked into the story. I started collecting more books about Guadalcanal, and a visit to this remote island became a part of my life bucket list.

I finally went there in 2012, so I hope You will be my audience in the coming weeks where I would like to share my knowledge and pictures of this exciting Island.



Yes please share, I was in Tarawa the year, after but didn’t take a lot of pictures. Should have in hindsight. (obviously also at the 70th anniversary).