Greece's populance and goverment's reaction and morale in the beginning and the end of Greco-Italian war

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During 1939 and 1940, the public Italian fascist rhetoric against Greece, culminated in the sunk of cruiser Elli on August 15, 1940, resulted to the rise of public opinion in favor of Metaxas regime, and the psychological preparation of the Greek people for a war against Italy, which now seemed unavoidable. On October 28, when Italy declared war, the public morale was so high, that even Metaxas in his diary was concerned about this so high optimism and fanaticism. The Greek soldiers were mobilized along songs and reveling, and the certainty that they were fighting for a just cause against an evil invader.

The Metaxas’ goverment gave considerable time to the rearment of the country, especially after September 1939. Also, the plans IB a and b, conserning a war against Italy and Bulgaria were ready in 1940. After the sunk of the cruiser Elli, when war became certain, Metaxas mobilized the 8th and 9th divisions on the Greco-Albanian borded in the highest possible secrecy. But even he and his governent did not expect a victory against the Italians. After the initial victories, in 1941, Metaxas (before his death) and the goverment were more concerned about the imminent German invasion.