Girl gunners used, wounded Yanks say (5-15-43)

The Pittsburgh Press (May 15, 1943)

Girl gunners used, wounded Yanks say

Phoenixville, Pennsylvania (UP) –
Nazi planes in the Tunisian campaign used girl tail gunners, wounded U.S. soldiers said today at the Army’s Valley Forge General Hospital, where they are convalescing after being wounded in the North African campaign.

Sgt. Victor R. Woodward, of Seymour, Indiana, said one German plane shot down near him carried a pretty blonde tail gunner. Several of his companions said they had seen other girls in the Nazi planes.

Tec. John Chandler, of Cleveland, Mississippi, said he was “knocked cold” when shrapnel struck his helmet, was bombed 16 times in one day and that a shell knocked the steering wheel of a jeep from his hands. He said grinning:

And then they sent me home with stomach ulcers.