German resistance at the Battle of the Seelow Heights

At the Battle of Seelow Heights, with the Germans firing accurate artillery, and using 88mm guns in an Anti-Tank role, can you give an estimate of how many Soviets did the Germans manage to finish off before they finally took Heinrici’s left flank and started penetrating the German lines toward Berlin? For example, In one engagement alone, the Soviets lost 17 IS-2 Heavy Tanks to a few well hidden Panther IV tanks

I guess I’m asking because I am wondering just how much of a fight the Germans put up against the merciless Soviet waves of attack - when Zhukov sent his armor in, it backfired spectacularly and created massive traffic jam and made it easy pickings for the Germans. What kind of losses would make the Soviets even think about retreating? Because I understand the Soviet losses were massive until the left flank started to give in

Also slightly unrelated:
How many soldiers tried (and failed) to take the Berlin Zoo Flak Tower?
Did the SS ever have to steal Gold? We know they hid it

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