German Logistics

I just finished watching episode 100, “An Army on horseback” and I must say that I never realized how fucked German logistics were. Growing up, I understood that the intial invasion of the USSR went swimmingly but now, I see I was wrong. I am blown away that the German High Command expected their units to conduct combat operations with 20% unit strength! Imagine a military command telling a modern unit to do that today. It would be a scandle! Its a wonder Germany got as far as they did in Barbarossa.


I Know Pulp documentaries and movies :movie_camera: looking to portray Germans as movie supervillains like eg Peiper in the battle of the Bulge. This is not serious history.

As for the latter the maniac murderer never found the fuel dump 300 meters off the main road and even the Belgian-German population hated this psychopath.

Alsiofor The elite Panzer Lehr led by the elite Bayerlein. He basically could have taken Bastogne in time but was too busy flirting with a blond bombshell from a captured US medical batallion. Very human as he was 45 and single and must be aware that he would likely not survive. Souce: Snow and Steel 1944-1945 page 471. Peter Caddick Adams. His research and books are verifiably excellent. It is time to replace the cardboard super soldier image with a real human one.