George H.W. Bush

I’m trying to find a list of people who served with George H.W. Bush in WW2. Does anybody have any tips?


Two specific people I want to learn more about are Chester Mierzejewski and one Robert Flood. Both disputed conventional accounts of Bush’s heroism during the War, but I’m wondering if there is even evidence that Robert Flood actually served with Bush. I’d also like to learn more about Chester Mierzejewski so I can better evaluate his account of relevant events.

Also, I find it strange that it took me so long to find these names. I had forgotten the names, but remembered one of the news stories, and the news stories appear to have been largely scrubbed from Google.


I found an article about it. A tailgunner who claimed to have seen him gone down and wondered why he didn’t make a water landing. Depends based on the damage or an instant reaction or perhaps the memory was dubious.

In general flying a carrier based planes in battle is putting your life on the line in a big way. That makes him pretty brave young guy. He made an instant decision when he was in mortal danger and a water landing isn’t always the safest option when e.g. the flight controls stop working.

The plane ended up in the water and I doubt there is a way to investigate. The date of this story was in an election year and the article noted that the tail gunner is a registered democrat and that other squadron members differ. It is an interesting fact though and I don’t remember it from the 1988 campaign. (I know his military service was used and contrasted with Dukakis who like Thatcher did a photo op in a tank, unlike Thatcher it backfired for him). So I can see why the Democrats wanted to get back at him

Anyway here is an article:
Ex-Navy Gunner Says His Memory Of War Incident Differs With Bush’s (


The issue is with several sites appearing to scrub the story more than any revelations from the story itself.

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