General Sosobowski as a replacement for General von Hötzendorf


This dude follows all the criteria:

  1. Involved in WW2 from the beginning.

  2. Fought Germans successfully in Polish Campaign.

  3. Escaped.

  4. Fought Germans in France.

  5. Escaped again by hijacking a ship and moving through German lines.

  6. Literally set up the first ever allied Paratroops and created training and tactics from scratch.

  7. Such a hard bastard wanted to train people to para drop into Poland from the UK.

  8. Single- handedly saved the British Soldiers in Arnhem.

  9. Was stuffed over.

  10. Worked for the rest of his life in a factory with no glory.

Seriously now, this guy tried really hard and did a lot of amazing things. He was written off from history because he was gobby and the British didn’t like him. This would be a really nice thing to do for him. If you read his book he really was heroic and deserves a little credit. The guy lost his country, reputation and family to make us all free.

He was also my uncles commander in the war and saved his life on multiple occasions. May I please ask on behalf of my uncle to make him the new General von Hötzendorf. My uncle had hard life after the war and making General Sosobowski a little more well regarded would have meant the world to him.



Here is a website detailing all this guy did:

  1. Became a role by Gene Hackman, which is pretty cool


Here is a clip

Sosobowski was quite rude and abrasive. Considering he fought the Germans multiple times, he was just too hard arse for the British.


I’m interested, did he have a role in the Polish-Soviet war?


He fought the Russians in WW1 in the pzwmisl and had to escape through Russian forces to get to France.
He also planned to drop into Warsaw during the uprising but the Russians prevented the transports form landing on their territory.
Stalin had his Polish cititizenship revoked.


At the time he was relegated to clerk/logistics duty due to leg injury (he was shot in the knee in 1915, damaged nerve, took him years to regain full capability)


From what I’ve read of Sosobowski, he was a competent military leader which sadly rules him out as a replacement for Von Hotzendorf IMO.


New war new rules? Maybe a special competent version?


Budenny, Gamelin, Percival, Goering and Grazziani would all be excellent choices, I feel.


Would be cool to create a website dedicated to the unrecognized heroes of WWII, military and civilian. There are a lot of them, particularly in the espionage and partisan theaters.