G.I. Bill faces delay (4-21-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (April 21, 1944)

G.I. Bill faces delay

Washington (UP) –
The “G.I. Bill of Rights,” which won quick approval in the Senate, today appeared headed for at least another week of study and possible modification before acceptance by the House Veterans Committee.

Chairman John E. Rankin (D-MS) said:

We are not going to be stampeded into bringing in a half-baked measure.

The pending measure embraces a wide scope of benefits, such as hospitalization, education, claims and farm and business loans, estimated to cost about $4 billion.

Mr. Rankin balked at the pay readjustment clause which allows unemployed veterans from $60 to $100 a month for 12 months after discharge. He maintained the provision not only was costly, estimate to take $5-6 billion, but would also discriminate against those who returned to work.

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