Future content suggestion. Racism within the US armed forces during WWII

This is brought on by a story I just found.

Black WWII soldiers asked a White woman for doughnuts. They were shot. (msn.com)

We know we will see about the issues of Japanese American soldiers who were able to fight in Europe while their people were interned. The usual thing that happened in the US since the Revolutionary War is usually not spoken of. Either seen as the background noise of US history or a “political”, “revisionist”, or “CRT Marxist” history.

Perhaps that can be balanced by mentioning that Black people were also equal actors in things that I susepect will be considered part of the War Against Humanity. The heroic Tuskeegee Airmen were part of the allied bombing campaign that some consider criminal. (I disagree. Bombing, even nuclear bombing can be justified depending on the circumstances. but that’s beside the point). There were Black scientist and technicians involved with the Manhattan project. At the same time in our own country German POW’s were treated better than us in some situations.

A lot more of this crops up as we approach D Day and the preparations for Operation Downfall which was pre-empted by the nuclear attacks, as people here know, of course.

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