Fundraising for Time Goast

Why not publish a book on WW2. You already have the scripts, podcasts and narrative as well as maps. There could be one volume for each year so far and also have one for the War against humanity and other specials.
It would be a great reference.
You could also publish the series on DVD.


From what we’ve been told in the recent livestream, the team just doesn’t have any extra time to take on a project of that magnitude right now. You’re right that they have a lot of the necessary raw materials to produce such books, but writing a book is a lot more than just shuffling together the reference sources, photos, and maps.

When the war is finally over (1946? 1950?) this might be something they could turn their attention toward.


They would need a team of good editors to turn scripts into good written content. I bet they had well over 1000 pages of scripts for 1943 alone just for Indy


Yes, indeed. Those who don’t write as part of their day-to-day jobs often underestimate the work required to repurpose written material to other media (or in this case, the reverse).