From a 1942 viewpoint, how long did the Allied population thing the war would last?

Hi we know know WW2 lasted until 1945 (although one can argue that a lot of smaller wars went on).

But now it is 1942 in our timeline with Tokyo, Rome and Berlin is a ginormous distance away. Are there any contemporary predictions how long the war was expected to last? Their experience was with the slow moving World War 1.

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At this time in 1942 the allieds were on the defensive everywhere. It was still a possibility that u-boats could seal of the Atlantic, and US had still lights in their cities turned on to light up the targets for Subs, and no convoy system in place along the east coast.

So I think that many must have thought that Germany could actually win the war. I guess the population would have some knowledge and hope in US entering the war, but it must have been obvious that a probable victory was at least 2-3+ years into the future.