Free French in North Africa and the "Oath of Kufra", end of Feb 1941

For the show the free french disappeared somewhere in Dakar alongside General De Gaulle.

But now in reality free french forces made their way through Africa to join the British.

In February 1941, the battle of Kufra took place in Lybia. French forces captured the lybian garison from the Italian with a bold move from 38 years old Colonel Leclerc (which would become famous as 2nd DB General, armoured free french division).

So, 1st of March 1941, the oath of Kufra took place, which is a very important moment for the french army.

Colonel Leclerc made the following oath with his troops:

“Swear not to lay down arms until our colours, our beautiful colours, fly over Strasbourg Cathedral.”

2nd Armour free french division led by then General Leclerc liberated Strasbourg the 23th November 1944.

It’d be a nice addition for the show I guess.



I was sure Indy would talk a bit more about the way Leclerc took the fortress by bluff as he was out of ammunition