Foreign service okayed for Canada’s draftees (6-23-42)

The Pittsburgh Press (June 23, 1942)

Foreign service okayed for Canada’s draftees

Ottawa, June 23 (UP) –
Canadians – civilians and members of the armed forces – have approved by a majority of 1,302,508 votes the release of the government from its pledge not to send conscripts outside the Dominion, final official figures revealed today.

The total vote was 4,638,847, with 2,945,514 affirmative and 1,743,006 negative. There were 50,327 ballots in the Dominion-wide plebiscite voided.

The services voted 251,118 affirmative, and 90,885 negative. Québec, the only province to register a negative majority, voted – Yes, 235,350. No, 593,633.

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I hope this gets a special in the Homefront episodes.

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I wish it happens too. :slight_smile: