FIXED: Website Preview Technical Issues

Hey all,

EDIT: This issue has been fixed and the regular publishing schedule will be picked up going forward

Old Issue: This message is intended for whoever views the previews of Between Two Wars and World War Two episodes via our website Due to a technical error, I’m not able to access the admin part of the website. This means that I am not able to publish new video’s here at the same time we publish them on Patreon for our supporters to preview them. Sampath and Tim are working to fix the issue, but might take some longer.

We hope to solve the issue as fast as possible as we find it very important to get anyone who deserves is the preview of our content. We’re truly sorry for all who are looking forward to see our content as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here or via email.



Is it possible to pm the unlisted videos to the tga members when it is in preview?

As a temporary solution.


It’s fixed, but we would have done something like that, had the issue persisted.