First Lady Shuns White House Profit (11-7-40)

The Pittsburgh Press (November 7, 1940)

Washington, Nov. 7 (UP) –


Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt said today that she has nothing to show – in a monetary sense – for her eight years in the White House and she doesn’t anticipate any increase in fortune during the next four.

She said she had made a great deal of money in the last few years but it was a sort of an easy-come-easy-go proposition.

I have had the feeling every penny I made should be in circulation. No invested sums everywhere, anytime. And none of my family has profited from anything that I have made.

Not all of her earnings from writings and other activities has gone to charity, she added. Some went for wages, and to giving people a chance such as small loans for someone seeking a start, but there was no interest on such transactions, she said.

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