Ferguson: Women’s handicap (11-20-43)

The Pittsburgh Press (November 20, 1943)


Ferguson: Women’s handicap

By Mrs. Walter Ferguson

Are women more easily propagandized than men? John Roy Carlson, now in the limelight for his reports on American Fascism, says they are.

We will not quarrel with the statement. Honest, self-examining women realize how often their zeal misleads them. We are born with an urge for reform and often destroy the things we wish to keep by the intensity of our enthusiasm for an unworkable scheme. Note how many women wreck their marriages by trying to change their husbands.

We have had reason to develop self-confidence slowly. That reason was male. The most interesting research is a study of American history. You can’t remain calm while you read of the brow-beatings our pious fathers gave their docile women by thundering at them about God’s commands.

The male has always set himself up as a divine interpreter. It was his powerful penetration that sensed what Jehovah wanted women to do, and he was never timid about proclaiming those wishes to her. For generations, she accepted the propaganda concocted by the male.

Besides, God implanted to our natures an undying desire to be liked and admired by men. We adore these bossy creatures and can’t help it. It is our worst handicap.

Women fear men’s dislike and they cannot endure men’s ridicule. This is the true reason for our gullibility and our lack of influence in public affairs.