Ferguson: Modern man’s yearning (3-2-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (March 2, 1944)


Ferguson: Modern man’s yearning

By Mrs. Walter Ferguson

Nostalgia for the old-fashioned femaleless saloon is felt by many modern men. Westbrook Pegler often writes about it. There is wistfulness as well as anger in these reminiscences.

In fact, modern man is a pathetic creature. He has no retreats where he is safe from feminine intrusions. Not even the Army gives him refuge.

To flee to the saloon, close its door against recriminations and naggings, or even the smothering emotionalism of love, must have been a boon to men of a bygone age. Every normal male likes to spend some of his time in a masculine atmosphere. There he can be himself, unhampered by the demands of domesticity or the necessity of striking a pose to impress the ladies.

Why are we surprised or angry when a man wants to go out with men occasionally or likes an all-male poker game?

It strikes me as a wholesome sign. Our poor men are almost entirely surrounded by women – smothered with them, in fact.

Father always likes to romp – if not physically at least spiritually. He wants to cut loose, let down his suspenders, put up his feet and revert to the ways of his youth. And why not? There’s no harm in it and probably a good deal of enjoyment for him. And that sort of enjoyment never hurts anybody, least of all the wife who is left at home.

Here’s something for her to ponder: A man’s man generally makes the best husband.

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And some women, if my wife is any indication. :smile: